“I was in desperate need of some Excel training as the project that I was working on required it.  I did not know how to use this software.  Bob was so understanding that I couldn’t believe it!  He took the days and hours needed to teach me, even rescheduling some things so he could continue to work with me. He is a very calm and patient teacher, often having to explain things to me several times. He is extremely knowledgeable about numerous computer programs. The best thing is that if I get into trouble again – I can just call him!”
Anne Shea, Minneapolis, MN


I have heard of Internet marketing being a decent income and knew nothing about it, so I started researching. After reading and reading, I finally found an ebook written by two people who are making more than enough money each month that they didn’t have to keep their regular jobs. So I started to follow each step by step lesson.

Well, after paying for that ebook, it didn’t take long to realize that I was totally lost.

I decided that if I really wanted to do this thing, I needed an experienced tutor, and I found one in Bob!

Figuring I’d be paying a tuition at any school or college to learn, (and driving there every day) I decided to do on-line training for my hopeful new career.  At a fraction of the cost he’s brilliant, patient, very clear and methodical.

I was shocked at how little I really knew about the internet but how very fast I was learning it!

Now, I’m not so afraid of blowing up my computer by hitting the wrong key. I’ve learned how to create a web site, write text, import pictures and videos, do blogs and even “drive traffic” to my sites. Wow!

With his encouragement and guidance, I’m still at it and have great inspiration!  Best of all ~ it’s fun!

Ginger Schultz, Henderson, MN


I wanted to work from home & took the Internet Marketing career choice.  I was not familiar at all about what that choice involved and quickly found out that I needed serious help!  I entered into a teaching agreement with Bob Lowe using phone conversations and the program “Log-Me-In” (which he set up on my computer for me).  Seriously…….you’re going to need help being successful at internet marketing – especially accomplishing your web site being on the first page of Google.

Bob is so incredibly knowledgeable about ALL the skills needed for this business as well as just general computer questions you might have.  He’s professional, patient, proficient at explaining the “whys” of what you need to do, humorous, easy to contact and just an “all around” nice guy.

I urge anyone needing ANY kind on computer help in ANY category to give him a call.  I’m sure you’ll be as happy with the results as I have been.  No matter what I get stuck on — he’s right there and able to resolve any of my issues.

Roxanne (still a work in progress)

Christiana, TN