About Bob Lowe Consulting

I help people understand their computers, basic computer security, and the internet better!

I’m located in Shakopee, Minnesota; a suburb of Minneapolis.

I offer phone and on-site support in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area; and phone support nationwide!

I do most of my support via phone and the Internet, where I can coach you on computer and software issues, help you with your automated marketing programs, or operate your computer through remote access and show you how to accomplish many tasks right on your own computer, no matter where you are in the country!

I’m also an avid photographer and videographer and also do a lot of teaching about photography and Photoshop. So be sure to ask for help with taking pictures or videos, editing them, or uploading them to your sites or Youtube.

I occasionally point readers to products that I find interesting and/or useful at other sites and I may earn a small fee by doing so. But I never send any reader to anything I don’t believe in myself.