Computer Training, Tutoring, and Support!

I specialize in helping individuals and small businesses solve computer issues primarily by talking to you on the phone! I do mostly Windows computers, but can help with Macintosh too. Other systems like Linux or other special systems are not in my area of expertise, so I can’t offer much help with those.

This saves you time and money because I can help you in just moments as compared to having a service technician come to you — or you having the difficult and inconvenient problem of having to take your computer in to someplace for repair.

I can’t solve all computer problems, but I can solve a lot of them just by talking to you on the phone. There is no charge if I can’t solve yours.

I can also show you how to do things via remote access (this is where I log into your computer — with your permission of course! — and actually operate your computer screen as though I were sitting next to you at your computer!

Some recent problems I’ve helped clients solve over the phone:


Problem: A client had uploaded an ad to Craigslist, but couldn’t find it when she searched for it later.

Solution: I asked her what was in the title of her ad and she said “El Camino”. Then I asked her what terms she used when she searched Craigslist to verify that it was showing up. She was searching for “Chev El Camino” and it wasn’t coming up. And that’s because she was using the term ‘Chev’ to search but that word was not in her ad title, so her ad did not appear when she searched for it. But searching for ‘Camino’ did bring up her ad.


Problem: A client uploaded pictures from her camera to her computer but she couldn’t find them on her computer when she was done.

Solution: I logged onto her computer remotely to help solve the mystery! She thought she had uploaded them to a folder called ‘Wednesday’, but that folder was empty.

Using the miracle of remote access, I was able to do a search on her computer for the generic term ‘*.jpg’ and we found her photos among many in the search results. Then I right-clicked on one of the photos to find the photo location. I found that she had accidentally uploaded the photos to her ‘Pictures’ folder, not to the ‘Wednesday’ folder. I showed her how to move the photos into the correct folder and I watched on her screen remotely to help make sure she got them moved properly.



Although I do help at your location if you are in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area, I primarily help clients both locally and nationwide via the phone and by using remote access to their computers. I do mostly PC support, but I can do a lot for Macintosh people as well.


Areas that I help:

  • Software and Hardware Training
  • Technical support
  • Security Awareness and protection of computers and networks
  • Internet Training and Support
  • Marketing Support (database marketing, automated email responders, etc.)


Whether for business or personal needs, call me if you would like a knowledgeable resource for support, training, or just for those occasional ‘gotchas’ that come up all the time that annoy the heck out of you but aren’t worth paying to have a technician come over to your office or home.


On the phone – yes! by phone! — I help you with issues such as:

  • Installing new computers, printers, software, etc. (Yes! If you’re a little bit tech savvy, I can help you get through these things on the phone! Don’t pay $200.00 to have a technician come in when we can do it for much less.)
  • Understanding the new dangers of not having computer security, and implementing protection.
  • Computer hardware and software training (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more)
  • Install wireless computers, laptops, printers, networks.
  • Understanding the Internet
  • Understanding Facebook – creating fan pages and advertising
  • Understanding WordPress – creating blogs and websites
  • Understanding Craigslist – posting ads and more
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Keywords
  • How to do Video
  • Uploads/Downloads
  • FTP
  • I will do Audio Interviews with you for marketing purposes
  • Much more!


And I help with pretty much anything else! If you just can’t figure something out — call me! I can probably help you.

I can even show you how to do many things by using remote training! (It’s like I’m sitting next to you right at your computer!)

Try me free!

Email me or call Bob at 952-933-0464

Office in the Minneapolis, MN area
Phone and remote login help Nationwide!

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